WDO Reports

WDO’s:  A Wood Destroying Organism Report is required  in many cases for real-estate transactions.  This report protects the buyer and sellers from liability of the home getting infested with wood destroying organisms after the sale.  Pelican will inspect for WDO’s such as Termites, Powder Post Beetles, Wood-Decaying Fungi, etc., as well as conducive conditions for these pests such as: Wood to Ground Contact, Dirt Above Grade, and Plants Touching your Home.  Pelican inspectors take pride in a quality inspection.  Pelican GUARANTEES that if a wood destroying organism is found after the sale of the structure, Pelican will perform a treatment for FREE!  Our certified inspector will also inspect for pests and lawn deficiencies as well and provide a complimentary quote at a discounted rate for the new homeowner moving in! Congrats on your new home! Pelican will perform a Lunch & Learn for real-estate offices so we can educate you more about the WDO process.  Just Ask!  Call today and get your discounted WDO Report!