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Pelican’s experienced representative will customize your lawn with professional grade products. A Pelican Lawn service will not only fight the weeds and lawn-damaging bugs and diseases, but will provide your lawn with a nutrient-rich diet that will green up your lawn. Our lawn care programs are spaced monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly, to meet your lawn care needs throughout the year.  Your lawn will have it’s own custom plan and diet that is fed by Pelican!


You will no longer feel the burden of dealing with messy fertilizer or the anxiety of burning your lawn from misuse or misapplication. You water and mow, we do the rest. We will even provide you with advice and recommendation on the water levels and mowing levels that are needed.  Pelican now provides root injections and shrub care!  Call today!

Basic Lawn Maintenance Tips

  1. Mow your lawn so that only the top 1/3 of the grass blade is being cut off. This means frequent mowing is needed so that your grass can grow healthy.
  2. Leave grass clippings on your lawn!  Grass clippings will be broken down and give your lawn back valuable nutrients!
  3. Water your lawn frequently!  You lawn should be watered a minimum of twice per week depending on your grass, soil type, time of year.
  4. Water more in the summer while the grass is growing at the most rapid rate!
  5. Don’t depend on rainfall for all of your watering!  Mother Nature usually can do the job, but if it hasn’t rained in over two weeks, plan on implementing a regular watering schedule at least twice per week.
  6. Call Pelican and have us inspect your lawn so we can give you more lawn care tips!

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